G8Way Technologies

Your full stack technology solutions partner

IoT Consulting Services

G8Way’s IoT consulting services help enterprises create strategic digital solutions that deliver tangible business results and assist the brand with navigating the everchanging digital landscape.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Consulting Services

G8Way provides AI tool development for our clients and partners who want to apply smarter solutions to their business problems. .

Together we open new AI opportunities that will change the future.

Full stack software development for all your business needs

We build solutions to work the way your business works, allowing you unlimited growth and a strategic advantage over your competitors.

Web, Mobile, and everything in between.

Automation, Smart Technologies and Bespoke Design

GWe provide your business with the tools it needs to boost efficiency while minimising risk and underpinning growth.
Bespoke Software and Hardware design, development, deployments and manufacturing needs you may have, we can assist you.
All your needs covered in one place


28 Avalanche Street, Westdene, Johannesburg


Email: info@g8way.tech 
Phone:  +27 (0)83 306 2825 or 
               +27 (0)82 326 4924
Fax: + 27 (0)86 439 9382


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