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G8Way’s IoT consultancy services help enterprises create strategic digital solutions that deliver tangible business results and assist the brand with navigating the everchanging digital landscape.

The internet of Things,or “IoT” for short, is about extending the power of the internet beyond computers and smartphones to a whole range of other things, processes, and environments. Those “connected” things are used to gather information of a thing or environment, send information back, or both gather and send information and commands, for a real interactive enviroment.


G8Way Technologies takes the process pain points you experience in your everyday business, and turn it into a competitive business advantages, which will set you aside of the competition.

Our IoT solutions (bespoke or “off the self”) can allow your business to analyse data generated by sensors on physical objects, in a world where connected devices are almost ubiquitous. 

This data is called situation awareness data. It will give use situation awareness of your “things”.

Being in possession of this data can help you transform your business, identify otherwise unknown or unseen patterns and insights which can directly help you make more informed decisions, and know what action to take.  


With growing network of internet enabled devices, that covers various protocols, domains and applications, G8Way can help you create, deploy and manage your technology strategy. With advanced devises, systems and services, both off-the-self, and bespoke, and with industry leading skills and knowledge, G8Way will give you the solution your business needs.

G8way’s internet of things solutions can help build smart devices, platforms, and integrated solutions that are connected to the internet and share data, to give you all the situation awareness data you need to make inform decisions, to run your business effectively .  

No matter what your needs are, G8Way will be able to help you put in place the correct solution. Some areas G8Way has already been able to design and deploy solutions:
• Animal Traceability;
• Product Traceability;
• High Value asset tracking, and management;
• Automates processes and production lines;
• Agricultural Solutions;
• Fleet Management;
• Access Control;
• Security services;
• Infrastructure management and protection;
• Facility Management;
• And much more. 


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